Philipp Modersohn's sculptures and animated films highlight the vibrancy of things and matter.
By confronting these with human-made structures and systems of social organization, he questions the division between biology and geology,life and non-life, and the resulting hierarchy of forms of existence.

Currently, he works on a series of filmic ‘biographies of things':

The video witness interview (2020, 3:30 min) opens the series by presenting six climate proxies, minerals and fossils that preserve characteristics of past climates.

In A Reporting Rock (2020, 6 min), an anonymous stone is asked questions by an immigration office.

In Stone Trek (2021, 6:30 min), a telescope spews soft and moving drill cores that subsequently explore their surroundings.

The Selfish Shellfish is the fictional self-portait of a barnacle between a dry, rock body and a wet, soft body.

Find a PDF Portfolio of works here.

Galerie Guido W. Baudach